General and laparoscopic surgery in Gurgaon

What is general and laparoscopic surgery?

Looking a doctor for General and Laparoscopic Surgery in Gurgaon? You know Open surgery is a traditional procedure in which a single incision, multiple inches long if not more, is made to access the abdomen. In contrast, laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that uses several incisions of one-quarter or less. So get in touch with the best gynecologist in Gurgaon.

The Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery in Gurgaon provides surgical interventions that focus on the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, colon, and other major parts of the human body. Some of the common procedures include appendix, gallbladder removals, colonoscopies, thyroidectomies, hernia and bariatric surgeries. The Department also offers proper management for patients suffering from diseases involving skin, soft-tissue, breast, hernia, and trauma. The department of General Surgery at Ayushman Hospital provides its patients with the services using cutting-edge surgical care.


Working this way has several advantages compared with traditional surgery. Because it involves less cutting:

  • You have smaller scars.
  • You get out of the hospital quicker.

Menstrual disorders – A group of menstrual problems can affect young women during the early of menstruation. These include irregular periods, painful periods, heavy periods and bleeding between periods. It is important for young girls to understand what is considered normal and abnormal to recognise such changes.

Vaginal disorders – Vaginal disorders include yeast infections, bacterial infectious diseases, vaginismus, obstruction, lumps and vaginitis. These conditions can cause embarrassment and confusion in young women. Timely treatment should be sought to avoid complications.

Sexual development disorders – Sexual development disorders can be congenital and become more prominent during the adolescent years. Common sexual development disorders include Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, and 45, X/46, XY gonadal dysgenesis. These can result from a mismatch in the child’s chromosomal or genetic material.

Abnormal vaginal discharge – Vaginal discharge during adolescence is a common phenomenon. However, abnormal discharge can be a cause of concern. Normal vaginal discharge is white, mucus and clear. Anything different from this is considered abnormal and should be medically checked. Let's get the ultimate guide for general and laparoscopic surgery in Gurgaon by Dr. Anu Sidana.

General and laparoscopic surgery in Gurgaon
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General and laparoscopic surgery in Gurgaon
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