Antenatal care is very important for the mother as well as the child growing in her womb.

Dr.Anu Sidana, IVF specialist in Gurgaon advises regular antenatal appointments are a must for to-be mothers. It is advisable to get antenatal checkups done at least once a month.

Antenatal care and checkups are essential for first-time mothers and those who are pregnant with their second/third child, and so on. 

Let us highlight the key pointers of antenatal care

Beginning with antenatal examinations at the gynaecologist who offers suitable prenatal advice, vital information relating to health management, mental preparedness, dealing with a newborn baby and existing children, if any accompanied by family planning procedures, if found essential. The family or the to-be mother’s partners must visit the gynaecologist together for a comprehensive approach towards the upcoming pregnancy experience. The mother and her partner or family must regularly visit the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon for an antenatal checkup until the child’s delivery, once the pregnancy is confirmed.

Generic Schedule of Antenatal Checkups

First Checkup – within the 1st to 12th week of pregnancy

This checkup is to ascertain the physical health of the mother. The gynaecologist will advise preliminary tests, including ultrasonography of the uterus, to review the initial progress of the pregnancy.

If the first ante-natal checkup suggests clear reports, then it is advisable to schedule following checkups –

  • Once in a month for the first 7th months onwards, i.e., 28 weeks
  • Twice in a month from 8th month onwards, i.e., 28 – 36 weeks
  • Once in a week from the 9th month onwards, i.e., from the 36th week till delivery.
  • Else the gynaecologist will determine the frequency of the antenatal checkups if required.

Checklist for the first antenatal checkup

Dr. Anu Sidana best Gynecologist in Ashok Vihar, Gurgaon
  1. Dr. Anu Sidana will spend considerable time with the patient and her partner or family regarding the medical history to date, the gestational age, pathological reports, and abdominal examination.
  2. Based on this antenatal checkup, she will guide the patient and her family on what to expect during the pregnancy, the type of delivery, and risk of complications, etc.
  3. She will also require details of the family viz’s medical history, cardiac diseases, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, renal disease, epilepsy, asthma, jaundice, malaria, HIV, congenital malformation, thalassemia, drug allergies, and so on.
  4. If the pregnancy proves to be a risky one, then whether medical termination of pregnancy is preferred and when it can be performed to minimize the expecting mother’s risk.
  5. It is advisable to undergo scheduled antenatal checkups even if the expecting mother is healthy and has no complaints about her health or pregnancy.
  6. An antenatal appointment reassures that the mother is doing well and that the fetus’s growth is monitored and is progressing well.
  7. During antenatal checkups, the gynaecologist will check the mother and the child’s vital parameters and the development of potential risks, if detected.
  8. In the case of health risk in the fetus or the mother, the gynaecologist will offer medical advice or treatment to resolve the mother’s medical condition and the child’s best interest.

During an antenatal appointment –

Dr. Anu Sidana will discuss the progress of the expecting mother. She conducts an antenatal examination and checks the vital parameters as well.

Simultaneously, she will encourage the to-be-mother to ask questions and counsel her on mental health, dietary habits, exercise, and activities suitable during that trimester. She will ensure that the expecting mother is in good health and spirits.

During the antenatal consultation, the to-be mother can clear doubts and myths about food habits, sleep, exercise, sex, and tobacco and alcohol consumption. If there are emotional disturbances, those too can be discussed freely with the doctor.

Emphasis on Antenatal Checkup and Care

  • Importance to maintain the mother in prime health throughout her pregnancy
  • To detect high-risk pregnancies and devote adequate attention and care
  • To detect complications and be prepared in preventing them
  • To foresee obstetric emergencies and be prepared to handle them
  • To prepare the mother and the family for pregnancy-related emergencies
  • To educate the mother regarding early neonatal care, personal hygiene, and environment
  • To counsel on how to look after and manage older child or children of the expectant mother
  • To educate and emphasize family planning measures in the best interest of the health of the mother and the overall family.

Dr. Anu Sidana, with her two decades of rich experience in gynaecology and obstetrics, firmly believes that antenatal checkup is the key to experiencing a smooth and seamless delivery.

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